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I'm excited to have Cheryll Gillespie, the vivacious host of Let's Shop TV, writing this month's Luxe Properties column on how to enhance your home's first impression with a fabulous foyer or entry hallway and some must-have purchases. Here's Cheryll . . .

Ladies, it's all about making a good entrance, right?

From arriving at a high school reunion, to walking down the aisle at your wedding, to making an entrance at an event with a new beau, we women understand the importance of "making an entrance."

Like you, your home entrance, the front foyer, makes a statement about you to all who arrive; therefore, the thought, energy, and enthusiasm that we put into pulling together the perfect outfit to make a fabulous first impression, should also be granted to our foyers.

The foyer is the space in which we make that all-important first impression that family and friends will remember every time their thoughts drift to us and towards our home. We all judge books by their covers, whether we admit it or not, and when we welcome folks into our homes, the foyer is the cover of the book that will be judged. So give them a cover that will make you proud!

First of all, remember who will be arriving and departing from the foyer most often -- you! Therefore, more important than a new color for the walls is a mirror. Not just any mirror, but I had to have a "skinny mirror" for my foyer. My number one must-have is a full-length mirror, one that is taller than it is wide and will generally make us look a little taller and a little skinnier for that extra boost of confidence. Also, make sure that the mirror is large enough and hung low enough so that we can get a full view of ourselves.

The next element is a fabulous shade of color for the walls. I chose a color that is warm and friendly. Your best bets are in the yellow and orange family, or perhaps a fabulous shade of cantaloupe, squash, or pineapple will do the trick. Not only do members of the orange and yellow color family signify a jovial and friendly personality, but they will ensure that we’ll head out the door and be welcomed home by walls with the cheeriest disposition of the entire color chart.

Also, think low maintenance, but with a high-maintenance look. If changing the flooring is in your budget, then I recommend a natural stone. Stone will wear forever and is one of the hardiest surfaces on the market today, plus it's totally natural. If you can’t change the flooring, but don’t love the one you have, lay down an area rug with a good pad underneath to prevent skids. Ensure that the carpet can be easily cleaned, too. As we head into spring, there is bound to be a lot of mud and muck coming home.

Great lighting fixtures are also imperative to create great indoor spaces. Wall fixtures and sconces work well, as does a ceiling chandelier or lantern. Regardless of your lighting fixture choice, ensure that you install the fixture with a dimmer switch. If unexpected people knock on the door and you don’t have your make-up on or the house is messy, keep the lights dimmed. Besides, it's nicer to be greeted by soft light.

Another consideration is foyer or entryway furniture which can be as simple as a wall-mounted shelf or a fabulous bureau. I also like to have a stool, bench, or chair in the foyer. Parents of young children and older friends will appreciate the seat while they don their footwear. Stools and benches can also serve double duty as storage boxes for extra clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Speaking of storage, I won’t touch on the issue of closets, but will say that the front hall closet is as deserving of a closet organizing system as any bedroom closet, and that's especially true considering that others may just get a peek behind those closed doors when you hang up their jackets and coats.

The piece de la resistance for your front hall or foyer could be an exquisite statue or piece of art, or consider a water feature. You’ll also want to complete the space with a good whiff! Yes, remember all of our rooms need to appeal to all five of our senses and the foyer is no exception. Be sure to include a source of some enticing, and natural, aromatherapy


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