Glamorous Hollywood Regency Style for Your Home

Samuel Marx style chest of drawers in green parchment - dealer Antony Todd Home

“One of the great things about Hollywood Regency is its versatility; the look can be done up in a very fun, camp manner or be tailored for an upscale feel.” - Dominic Albanese, owner of NY's Metropolis Modern showroom

Oskar Torres - Hollywood has not only influenced Fashion, but the Interior Design industry has widely been in the spotlight through the eyes of set designers and furniture designers as well. Hollywood Regency Style as sometimes referenced by designers, is inspired by the movie sets of Hollywood's most iconic motion pictures’ sets. Pieces range from simple lines inspirited by the past to hand-picked stylized objet d’art coveted by dealers, designers, and collectors worldwide. 


Dorothy Draper 1940s plaster urn lamps - dealer Crais Van Den Brulle

This neo-classical revival style has been going strong in this century. Not only do we see it in décor, but also in home furnishings, textiles, and accessories from high-end Neiman Marcus to affordable Target.
Pink rock crystal lamps - dealer Carlos De La Puente Antiques

Some collector’s pieces can cost $1,000, while others more rare and authentic from the Forties period run up to $45,000. Interior designers and dealers have mastered the craft of combining these glam pieces into their projects and shops to create unique environments for clients. These items are easy to place in any English traditional interior or even within ultra-modern décor. High-end galleries in New York and throughout Europe carry these pieces in their inventory as fillers to any interior.

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