Summer Holidays Mean Redecorating Kids Rooms

Joya Rocker, courtesy Babesta

Summertime for new parents? Just because you’ve become a parent doesn’t mean you have to give up on design, especially when it comes to children’s furniture. Nurseryworks and Babesta offer very stylish furnishings for the family. 

When you’re rocking your baby to sleep or just telling him a story, the Joya rocker from Babesta (shown above) is just right for those cuddle times. Its tall back provides perfect support for mom and child. The tailored upholstery and walnut base also complements any contemporary home. The Storytime rocker from Nurseryworks (see below) shows off an even crisper, modern shape – its sleek lines would fit into any stylish living room, not just the nursery. For those parents who have a more traditional décor, the Empire rocker is designed like an American wing chair.

Storytime rocker, courtesy NurseryworksNot to be overlooked, Igloo Play offers the little tykes their own version of the rocker called the Mod Rocker. Made of sustainable woods such as maple or walnut veneer, the Mod Rocker is ergonomically designed to mold into petite bodies and also to allow for storage underneath for storybooks and toys.

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Add Easter Touches to Your Home Decor
Jessica Ackerman - Decorating your home for Easter is a great way to celebrate the holiday. If you've already added some spring decor to your home, it can be especially easy to add a few holiday decorating touches. Instead of purchasing Easter-specific decor, why not just add a few decorative accents to the wall art and accessories you already have? Here are a few tips you can use to spruce up your wall art for the holiday.



Spiritual Wall Art

If you've already decorated one or more walls in your home with pieces of spiritually-themed art, the Easter season is the perfect time to highlight them. Metal wall crosses can be accentuated by displaying an Easter-themed tapestry on the same wall. You could even create a wall art grouping, using the cross as the centerpiece. You could also create an arrangement of Easter lilies on a nearby shelf or table top, adding to the overall look.

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