Set 5 Goals: A New You for the New Year

Franca Giuliani - Happy New Year to you!I always feel quite in flux this time of the year, because we're in between the calendar New Year and the Chinese New Year that's to arrive in mid-February. And then we also have the stars moving around in the beginning of February. Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised if most of us feel very invigorated, and yet at the same time a bit unsettled.

This's definitely a new time with new energy, and we should all take advantage of it. Resolutions should be taken one step further; turn each one into an action plan. We have the entire year to manifest what we want, so we shouldn't be foolish and waste this time.

Feng Shui Homework

Here are some assignments to help you get started shifting energy and absorbing the full potential of this New Year.

  1. Get rid of three things in your space this month. It could be as simple a book you've been meaning to give away.
  2. Get rid of three things in each of your closets. You’ll be amazed how this can start a real purge of closets.
  3. Write down no more than five things you'd like to accomplish this year. It's said that if something isn't written down, it doesn't exist. Writing down your ideas will give them birth, and I say no more than five, because if you a make a really long list, it may be harder to focus and accomplish your goals.
  4. Next, take your five things and map them out on a calendar. Give themdeadlines and action points. This can help you visualize them.
  5. Place of symbol of each of your five things near the mirror you first see in the morning. It could be a word that you cut out of a magazine or a picture. For example, if you're looking for work, you may want to post the words, “New Job." Or if you want to visit a place, put a picture of it on or near your mirror. Once again this will help with visualizing your goals.

Don’t expect quick results. But the more emphasis and action your put towards your goals, the better chance you'll have achieving them. 

Until next month,

Be well,


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Franca Giuliani is an environmental advisor, integrated feng shui consultant, and energy clearer whose inquisitive nature has led her down the path of the metaphysical world and related topics. Now Franca uses her expansive knowledge and experience to help individuals get their bearings and think differently about themselves and their space, enabling them to better plan for the future. 

She collectively uses a number of modalities to help people become aware of their environment, acknowledge it, and then help them begin to reach a better balance. Becoming aware of one’s environment and understanding why things are happening is the foundation to a possible transformation of life.

Franca has studied feng shui, energy clearing, and astrology for over nine years and continues to study under world-renowned instructors. A graduate of the Feng Shui Alliance School formerly in Edgewater, NJ, she holds a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and a certificate from NYU. Additionally, Franca studied in Antwerp, Belgium and graduated from a Feng Shui Society of the United Kingdom accredited program.

Franca practices and teaches courses on relevant topics. She's consulted and lectured within the New York metro area, as well as in Italy. Italy has been Franca’s second home since childhood. She considers herself an Italian aficionado and organizes tours throughout Italy where she can share her knowledge and passion for this amazing country.