Set 5 Goals: A New You for the New Year


Franca Giuliani - Happy New Year to you! I always feel quite in flux this time of the year, because we're in between the calendar New Year and the Chinese New Year that's to arrive in mid-February. And then we also have the stars moving around in the beginning of February. Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised if most of us feel very invigorated, and yet at the same time a bit unsettled.


This's definitely a new time with new energy, and we should all take advantage of it. Resolutions should be taken one step further; turn each one into an action plan. We have the entire year to manifest what we want, so we shouldn't be foolish and waste this time.


Feng Shui Homework

Here are some assignments to help you get started shifting energy and absorbing the full potential of this New Year.

  1. Get rid of three things in your space this month. It could be as simple a book you've been meaning to give away.
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