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Holiday Cards from Egg Press

Irwin Weiner ASID - Aren't you tired of the same holiday cards year after year? I remember once opening a box of glittery Christmas tree cards at the checkout lane of Home Goods and later finding silver sparkles all over my clothes once I got into the car. I'm over the usual greetings and messages "of the season." It's like looking at a boring interior - time to change it up and get something fresher happening! That's why I'm liking egg press, the Portland OR stationery and design company, more and more. They've been doing custom stationery and cards since 1999, but also getting into branded design ventures with home goods companies like West Elm and Schoolhouse Electric. Some of my favorite alternative egg press holiday cards are below ... and by now you know the drill - click on each picture for more information. By the way, if you get a holiday card from me this year, I'd better warn you to check your clothes for silver sparkles afterwards. (Next year, I'll go with egg press....)

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