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This Man Lives a Steampunk Life

Steampunk Workshop

Irwin Weiner ASID - Based on yesterday's post regarding human bones and interior design, I'm still not in the mood to switch gears and go to a lighter design topic. Instead, I'm all set to wax poetic about steampunk and design. Think Victorian meets High Tech, and you've got the idea. There's a dark, industrial vibe about steampunk accessorizing, fashion, and design. Folks like Boston area's Jake Von Slatt have added a touch of this dark romance to their everyday lives by accessorizing modern gear - from cars and guitars to computers and lighting - with elaborate ornamentation suitable for a Jules Verne novel. Visit Jake's Steampunk Workshop website for more of his exciting work, and enjoy this MAKE Magazine video about Jake and his fascinating steampunky life. This is a great example of what I love about design; if you truly love something, add it to your decor and surroundings. Design without passion and personality is without a soul. Why bother?

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