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Celebrities Are Coming Out ... As Interior Designers
Irwin Weiner ASID - It's exciting to see celebrities come out. For rock star Lenny Kravitz to say that he enjoyed decorating his room when he was a young child and he needs a well designed space in order to make his music, his "coming out" as an furniture designer and interior designer (back in 2003) injected much-needed verve into our sometimes too sedate industry. Look at his energetic, dynamic Mademoiselle chair designs in the photo below for Kartell (click on the photo for more information) or his impressive accomplishments on his Kravitz Design website.
Likewise, international tennis sensation Venus Williams has embraced the expansion of her personal brand by opening up her own design firm - and V*Starr Design is an impressive company (see website screenshot below), complete with an extremely accomplished design team.
Kudos to Lenny and Venus for confirming what I've always believed: interior design is always evolving, and personal vision and energetic drive and a strong sense of style is what it takes to be a success in our field. Enjoy today's featured videos that follow, with interviews that confirm that these two superstars are in love with the design world.
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