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German Designer Turns Housing Into Portable Cubes

Irwin Weiner ASID - I applaud all efforts by architects and designers to push the envelope on what we call "home" or "our house." In the future, we'll need homes that are more portable, smaller, and nimble to meet a more nomadic, on-the-move population. At least that's the future that German designer Werner Aisslinger envisions, and his beautiful Loftcube home is a perfect combination of portability, small square-footage, and contemporary appeal. All connections for water, electricity, and gas are in the Loftcube's anchor footings. And the interior, complete with clean Corian surfaces, is airy and light.

The designer has also modified the exterior structure of the Loftcube, taking away the yacht-material white cladding and replacing it with wood slats to create what he terms the Fincube (see below).

The following video goes more in-depth into Aisslinger's Loftcube, and shows

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