Discover the Value and Convenience of Online Auctions

Irwin Weiner ASID - Why is it that most homeowners feel the need to feather their nests with brand-new furniture? I understand sitting in a comfy club chair can lead to falling in love with it in a showroom - comfort is a big driving force when it comes to making purchases. People also like clicking around online and coming up with a fantastic piece of furniture or an accessory that looks amazing. While I use both offline and online retail as a way to help my clients furnish their homes, I also encourage auction purchases.

If you bid conservatively, but go after what you love, you can get some amazing bargains at auctions. Even more than that, you can purchase quality items that are unusual, stylish, well crafted, and far superior to retail goods.

Bidsquare is a relatively new service that I highly recommend for both designers and their clients. You can participate online in timed auctions: auctions that run for a period of time when you can submit a bid, counter it if someone outbids you, and keep on bidding until the auction period times out. Think eBay and you have the idea. 

Bidsquare also has live auctions: you can submit your bid online in real time, follow the action with bids submitted by others actually in the auction and bidders in contact with auction agents over the phone, and keep submitting bids to either be the high bidder and winner of the lot you're bidding on, or drop out when you reach your spending limit.

With Bidsquare, you can check in on many different auctions and preview, then bid live or over time on lots. Pictured above is David Rago, of TV's Antique's Road Show fame, presiding over one of his always-quality Rago Arts auctions. His is one of several great houses working with Bidsquare. And this collection of well-curated items makes Bidsquare worthy of your attention. You'll certainly love browsing for treasures, and you'll love the convenience of online bidding, with either live or timed auctions. Play the video at the top of this post for an introduction to Bidsquare.