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Irwin Weiner ASID - If a fantasy dreamhouse existed, it would probably incorporate the best possible design. It would be architecturally daring, but timeless. Its interiors would be comfortable, beautiful, and a touch romantic. New finds would mix effortlessly with Old World charm. 

I've just described the typical Penny Baird interior, haven't I? Collaborating with Penny on some of her projects over the years, I've had the pleasure of working with "interior design's resident magician." Penny's magic comes from within, and it fills the pages of her new Dreamhouse book, featuring a forward from famed designer Mario Buatta. Mario describes the essence of Penny's latest addition to the design canon.

Penny’s rooms are inviting and very comfortable, filled with sumptuous upholstery and a mix of patterns and colors that melt together like those in a painting by Bonnard or Vuillard. They can be traditional yet speak in the present or contemporary and clean without ignoring the classic.
— Mario Buatta

In a Palm Beach client's living room (above), Penny used a white palette to great effect. Back-to-back sofas were designed, one facing a water view and the other linked to a conversation grouping and the nearby music area. The soft furnishings are embellished with tapestry borders embroidered down the center of each cushion. The chairs are exquisite, done in a 19th-century Salon style that invites you to reach out and touch.

Anything but a mirage, a Palm Desert, CA living room (above) uses blue accents picked up from the heirloom rug to add a freshness to this special home. 

Finally, a classic Penny interior (above). This Parisian bedroom features padded bi-fold doors that conceal closets and a dressing table - but they pass as elegant screens. The velvets and taffetas in lavender and taupe are stunning, but if you look closely at each Penny Baird interior in Dreamhouse, you'll find stunning in every vignette. Brava.