Looking Forward to Using These Crafty Mosaics

Irwin Weiner ASID - As in most professions, interior design is a lot about research. There are new resources springing up every day, and we haven't done a good job putting together presentations to our clients if we haven't exhausted our search for something fresh and different. I love stumbling onto resources that are tangential to what I'm really looking for, too, and recently I came across Artaic Innovative Mosaics. Computerized processes digitize images into small squares of color, like pixels, and robotic hands select just the right color tiles to assemble foot-square sheets of tile; when all the sheets are put together, you have the image in tile. So very cool, I can't wait to use this on a client project. It would make for a fantastic focal wall, a sexy kitchen backsplash, or a new wave powder room or spa.