Paint Manufacturers Target Women

Irwin Weiner ASID - It's interesting to note that paint manufacturers have finally begun to "feminize." By that I mean that the wall coatings industry used to be aimed right at do-it-yourself men and male house painters. Picture man, dripping paint brush, lit cigar. 

Not any more. Martha Stewart has her Martha Stewart Living Paint line at Home Depot, women are directly appealed to in Lowe's Buying Paint guide, and now Target has come out with Devine Color, a paint line created by artist Gretchen Schauffler and produced by Valspar (which cleverly also does a paint line for Lowe's). Devine's paint cans look wider and are less cumbersome than traditional paint cans; they have softer, attractive color palettes; and the color schemes are put together in 19 color stories that are editorially geared directly to DIY women - they're even called "boutique collections." Pure marketing, and completely geared to women. I'm sure this trend will continue, don't you?