Let's All Laugh About Design

Irwin Weiner ASID - Residential interior design is stressful for homeowners. Let me count the ways: the cost, the uncertainty, the loss of control, and the environmental upheaval can take a huge toll. In the industry, we know when our clients are about to have a "design emergency." You can hear a tremor in their voice, the lips are pulled tightly together, the teeth are gritted, or the email is filled with ALL CAPS (which is, in case you didn't already know, the written equivalent of YELLING).

Enter funny design blogs. Boy, do I enjoy the comic relief you can get from them! When clients are having design emergencies, I always think of them and smile through the tense times. Now if only I could get a few clients to read them, too! Here are some of my favorites.

Unhappy Hipsters. Modern design, particularly the breed you see in Dwell magazine, can become very precious. The designs are modern, stark, and what I call architecturally barren. It's not that architects aren't talented, but I know too many architects who should design schools and hospitals instead of residences. They're nothing you'd choose to live in, they're devoid of color, and they don't really have a human scale. UH is a blog that makes fun of the pretentious "we are so cool" Dwell culture, and I love the way modern architectural photos are coupled with captions that skewer the affect behind it all.

Catalog Living. This is the same take on funny captioning as found in Unhappy Hipsters, but this time leveled at all the twee designs you find in mail order catalogs. Some people really don't understand that the "look" in catalogs is highly stylized with in-house merchandise. You would never want such a look for your own home, choosing rather to mix it up and avoid looking like a catalog. With that said, you'd be surprised how some clients will kill to have that "Crate & Barrel" or "Pottery Barn" or "Restoration Hardware" look!

cool chicks who do prints

October 21, 2014

i am writing about a different cool chick today. 

i usually write about my own coolness, which, let's face it...is hard to top.

but i am supremely jealous of nicole cohen's coolness. 

she looks cool

she decorates cool

her blog is cool

she takes cool pictures and makes books out of them.

if you follow her on instagram you'll know she took pictures of randomly beautiful shit over the summer with the hashtag: #absurdistsummer.

well she made it into a coffee table book called: #absurdistsummer.

here's the really REALLY cool part: all of the pictures in the book are tear out prints that you can frame. 

(i admit to punching myself in both boobs for not thinking of it first)

My Favorite and My Best. What started out as the snarkiest, coolest, insane design blog is now a really cool and oftentimes funny and insane design blog by designer and artist Jenny Andrews Anderson. She sometimes swears like a sailor, but she's got a great eye, and her art taste and talent is over the top. You'll soon become addicted to MFAMB (see partial post excerpt above). 

I know that the #whitefloor club may be small in number, but we’re BIG in attitude. Also, having white floors in your home tells me three main things about you:

+ You’re a major badass.
+ You are comfortable ignoring other people’s advice
+ You like to “go big or go home.”

Lucky for you, going home means that you’re always greeted with your sexy, chic, gleaming (or matte! no judgment!)  white floors, and so yeah: you win.

Vintage Design x Me. Erica Reitman is a Brooklyn flea market maven, HGTV blogger, and all-around designy know-everything. Her ideas are fresh, her perspectives are refreshing, and yeah, she swears, too. (Her tagline is "I will kick your house's ass.") What started out being named Design Blahg, which had a super-snarky attitude, has matured into a really great read. So read it (see excerpt above).