Video Lesson: Visualize Designer Furniture In Situ

Irwin Weiner ASID - Few design videos get me extremely excited, but this one did. And when you see it, you'll think I'm mad. It's a relatively plain video, showing off some of the furniture and case goods from French contemporary furniture makers Roche Bobois. It has no sound track, no cool music, no beautiful models. In fact, it's merely still photographic images. But this made the message of the video more important to me. Here's what I see, and hopefully you'll see it, too.

When you're in a showroom, furniture store, or online catalog, it's difficult to imagine how something will look in your own living space. Let me tell you that if the scale and proportions are good, chances are good that the pieces will look even better once they're installed in your home.

This video shows furniture on a white background, like the Voyage Immobile sofa and seating system pictured in the top photo. Nice, but . . . . Now look at the second image and you'll see what the modular seating looks like in a home. Quite a difference, and I saw a dramatic difference in the video as I saw how every piece of furniture looks even better when the whole room comes together. The sum is greater than the parts.

If I'm shopping an online catalog, I must see the item in situ, meaning in position with its surroundings. That's how I can judge its scale, how it relates to other elements of furniture, how it looks accessorized, and so on. It makes all the difference.