Designer House Tour with Tobi Fairley

Irwin Weiner ASID - Today's featured design video shows off the home of one of our favorite interior designers, Arkansas based Tobi Fairley. Ms. Fairley is one of the best brands in design today, and that means that her sense of style is clearly defined. Her messaging is like a Hogwarts sorting hat - you'll know right away whether or not her brand of "new traditional" is for you or not. Her work is confident, colorful, layered, practical, comfortable, luxurious without being fussy, and family friendly. That's a potent mix that this designer pulls it off well. And one has to admire anyone who is eloquent about most everything - even club soda.

Every Southern household needs a supply of club soda. You can whip up a cocktail for your neighbors or take stains out of your dirty laundry! Now that’s versatile!