Russia Just Warming Up to Contemporary Interior Design

Irwin Weiner ASID - It was a scant 15 years ago that interior design first became known and practiced in Russia. "Design" wasn't really in the everyday lexicon, and architects fell short of providing any guidance for how to decorate for the comfort and enjoyment of residents.

Russian shelter magazines are springing up.

Russian shelter magazines are springing up.

The latest design revolution began, of course, with the well to do, experimenting with style and ornamentation, different periods of furniture, and daring to add more to a room than a set of chairs and a plain table.

Russia's rich design past focused heavily on brocades and velvet and gilded ornamentation, but Western styles are now in vogue (Italy's euro style predominates). I've read that there is yet to be a distinctly contemporary Russian design style, but that will come as more entrepreneurial spirits stop copying what they see abroad and settle down to find inspiration at home.

Here are some interesting links we'd like you to explore to learn more about Russia's emerging design scene.

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  • We loved this two-part video documentary on Modern Russian Interiors; it will give you an excellent survey of Russian homes, lifestyles, and champions of Russia's emerging design industry.
  • Look at pictures of homes in the luxurious Rublyovka neighborhood in Moscow, a truly elite enclave. 
  • The Best Interiors is one of several top Russian interior design magazines.