Decorating Tips: Touches of Spring for Home Décor

 Designers Guild  always has amazing spring fabrics and wallcoverings.

Designers Guild always has amazing spring fabrics and wallcoverings.

Each year, spring brings with it a new turn of energy and life. As the dark and cold of winter recedes, the natural cycle of growth and rebirth infuses the natural world, and this spirit percolates through towns and cities. Just as trees sprout new leaves and flowers start to bloom again, it's refreshing to add similar new life to internal decorations in your home. A touch of color or a change of furniture or soft furnishings can help to re-energize the home as the life of spring awakens. Here are five ways to give your home a touch of spring.

  • Add a touch of wallpaper. It isn't necessary to re-paper a whole room to get the benefit of a roll of fresh spring wallpaper. Match or coordinate new wallpaper with existing patterns on walls, and pick up color or pattern with new flooring or window coverings. Add fresh spring colors to bookshelf backs or other nooks. This provides a subtle dimension of spring.
  • Hide electric cables. With the growing number of wires and cables from electric gadgets around the home, the amount of wiring can become difficult to manage in terms of home décor. One solution is simply to bundle the cables and wires into a decorative box or basket, which can be bought to match the flooring. Make it as unobtrusive as possible.
  • Freshen up fabrics. Spring colors make a big difference in brightening the interior décor of a room, and fabrics are dynamic color carriers. Cushions, rugs, blankets, curtains, and even pet bedding will add fresh greens, blues, or yellows to your color scheme - or try some of this year's hot new light pastels, such as a faintly green aloe or a pale yellow. Just one or two drapes or pillows in spring colors can introduce a fresh feel into a room.
  • Swap accessories. As you freshen-up fabrics, bring out spring colors in furnishing accessories to create springtime magic. A bright set of lamp shades or flower pots will do the trick, perhaps to coordinate with new flooring or window coverings. Remember to keep your room's mood in mind and go appropriately bold and splashy or pale and sophisticated.
  • Learn more about discount laminate flooring. Freshen flooring for spring, too. You'll find it isn't expensive and it may be your fastest way to lighten up a room. Lighter flooring will better reflect light and brighten any interior.

Even if you just attempt one or two of these tips, you'll see a substantial change to the feel of a room. Put winter behind you, and introduce the freshness of spring. As each year goes by, keep adding two or three new elements to your personal spring collection, so that swapping pieces like area rugs and throw pillows from darker to lighter tones will become easier over time. Embrace the fresh, and try something spring-like in your home this weekend.