Harpoon House in Portland Showcases Small-Home Sustainability

Irwin Weiner ASID - Today's featured video (above) is a great glimpse of the power of homeowners to consciously choose how they would like to live. Matt and Katherine grew up in the suburbs and felt that they wanted inner city neighborhoods and less square footage and waste to set up their new life together. This video beautifully documents their journey, the features of their exciting small home (on a mere 50 x 50 foot footprint), and what really makes their Harpoon House in Portland, OR a model of housing sustainability.

And Happy May Day to you! We're thinking a lot about gardening at Design2Share, now that the weather is getting gorgeous in the Northeastern United States. Click here to read about the latest Gadgets to Help Tend a Garden from a recent NY Times article (some of these were pretty amazing).