Mingo Design Creates Beautiful Indoor Vertical Garden

Jay Johnson - I'm a garden fanatic, yet I wish I knew more about indoor gardening. My plants simply do better outside, in the ground. But I became encouraged by today's video which shows Mingo Design installing a sensible vertical garden that uses water troughs to sustain a surprising number of plant species in the apartment of model/eco-activist Summer Rayne Oakes. The trailing down effect of plants on a vertical wall gives a lush, living texture to a room, unlike the effect you'd get with artwork or wall coverings. And Summer finds the wall to be convenient, as well as beautiful and functional.

Another perk to the wall is that it’s hooked up to a sub-irrigation system, so instead of water coming down from the top or the sides, it waters the plants from the bottom – so the plants are able to 'sip' the water when they are thirsty. Yes, that means I do not have to water the plants … just maintain them by clipping and pulling off any dead leaves. Check out the video to see it all come together.

In our next house, I'm definitely inclined to install a vertical garden wall.