How to Transform Your Bathroom in a Weekend

Stanley Wilson - Before you ask yourself the all-important “granite or porcelain tile” question or look at a single paint swatch, start by thoroughly cleaning and eliminating excess clutter from your bathroom. Toss out old magazines, throw away any empty items and remove bathroom toys your kids haven’t touched in years. Once your clutter is under control, move onto the actual cleaning, scrubbing and deodorizing every square inch of the space. Start with the larger features — including the bathroom vanity, tub and toilet – before moving onto the other, often-neglected duties, such as scrubbing the grout or cleaning cobwebs that have collected. You’ll be amazed at how comprehensively organizing and cleaning your bathroom can make it seem lighter, airier and more inviting.

Choose an Ideal Paint Color

If you have a very limited budget and a tight schedule but want to dramatically alter your bathroom’s appearance, look no further than the paint aisles at your local home improvement store. For an investment of less than $200, you can cover an outdated paint color and transform the space entirely. When it comes to choosing the right color and finish, there are only two rules. The first deals with the paint’s finish, and instead of choosing between “gloss” or “flat,” make your decision easier by choosing “semi-gloss.” A semi-gloss finish is not only attractive, it can withstand your bathroom’s constantly changing temperatures. The second rule deals with the color itself. It’s always better to choose a light or neutral shade for your bathroom. Dark tones are attractive, but unfortunately they’re also a great way to make your bathroom feel more like a cave.  

Replace the Sink and Shower Spigots

Aside from being tragically outdated, your older sink or tub faucet might be non-functional and destined for the trash. There are a variety of replacement faucets to choose from, but unless you have the time and budget to swap out your towel rack and light fixtures as well, it’s a good idea to choose an updated model in the same finish. It only takes a couple of hours and a few tools to swap out the spigot, so don’t hesitate to give it a try. Just remember to shut off the water first or run the risk of spending the remainder of your Sunday afternoon cleaning up a completely avoidable flood.

Top Off With Accessories

From embroidered hand towels to new chrome towel bars, adding a few thoughtfully placed accessories and accents is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to transform your ordinary bathroom into something like a spa. Candles are another low-cost and attractive option. Besides being a pleasant addition to the space, plants can actually purify the air and lower your bathroom’s humidity.

When it comes to redecorating your bathroom in a weekend, it’s all about sticking to a realistic budget and knowing your limitations. Almost anyone can apply a fresh coat of paint or install a new faucet, but it takes more expertise and the proper tools to swap out your vanity or install a new tub surround.

About the Author: Stanley Wilson is a guest blogger and longtime DIY enthusiast. His current passion is transforming yard-sale finds into beautiful antique vanities.