Gardening as a Source of Happiness and Beauty

Irwin Weiner ASID - Although I'm not a gardener, I love the beauty that gardens bring to any home. Each plant shows conscious design and precise placement, and it becomes the focus for good, nurturing intentions ("Please grow!").

Now jump with me to a densely-populated urban area, not known for homes with large yards and gardens: Singapore is a fascinating city with some amazing urban architecture.

I wanted to salute the ambitious Gardens by the Bay development, winner of world architecture awards last year and a source of beauty and eco-friendliness in a city becoming more and more crowded with housing developments and shopping venues.

We found this delightful student mini-documentary video to show you some beautiful observations from people who work with flowers and garden furniture each day, tucked into a tiny corner of Singapore. The quotes from famous people are especially inspirational.

If this video doesn't inspire you to get out and garden this spring - it's almost here! - then nothing will.