Living Closer to Nature in Rural Maine


Irwin Weiner ASID - I'm not a tree hugger, but I absolutely understand the need for our homes to reflect nature. When I saw today's featured video, I knew that it was a great palette cleanser for Design2Share. Too often we glorify the expensive new lines of furniture, the top architects, and the best for home design that money can buy. But money just can't buy peace, good health, happiness, and love - and this video shows an "off the grid" lifestyle and a young couple who have wound their life down to a slower pace, making things with their hands, and living close to nature. The young man's comment that everyone should live like they do isn't very realistic. (Can you imagine every New Yorker flooding into rural America to live? We see what that's like in the Hamptons!) But his heart is in the right place, taking a lifestyle cue from the land and believing that we should "Work less and live more." It's an attractive path, and I think you'll enjoy this short video glimpse into another family's home.