Venice CA Home Marries Good Design and Materials

Irwin Weiner ASID - With my own house up for sale, I'm keenly aware how sellers need to attract buyers. Frankly, I'm tired of keeping my home looking like I don't live there! It's always too neat and staged, and it's super cleaned-up all the time, ready for any last-minute showing. But that's not how you're supposed to live. I yearn for a time in our next house when we can leave piles on the floor and not sweat it if a bed is rumpled or - gasp - unmade.

I found a house, pictured here, for sale in Venice, CA at 630 Milwood Avenue. You can read more about the home here. But I wanted to show you how well a house shows if it combines both good design (yes, an architect had his hand in this one) and materials. And there are plenty of materials used here. Concrete, stainless steel, Corian, and the list goes on. Each surface has one type of material more luxe than the other. And of course this house is spotless.

In my fantasy world, I imagine this house as not being lived in, a perfectly staged property where the homeowners never have to clean up quickly and evacuate the premises before a real estate agent and prospective buyers swing by for a showing.

Enjoy this video tour of a lovely contemporary California home, and wish me luck on escaping my perfectly staged home so that my family and I can nest in rumpled splendor.