Alvo Aalto's "Shape That Moves" Inspires Other Designers

Irwin Weiner ASID - It's nothing new for one designer to be inspired by one or more other designers, and you'll find that inspiration leads to a startling recast of the original designer's creation into something different ... yet closely related. It's nothing new for interior designers to look deeper into the DNA of furniture, lighting, and accessories to find kindred spirits, shapes and forms that look familiar, in order to bring harmony and rhythm into a design scheme. For example, pictured above is the Locico Triple Linear suspension lamp, designed by M. De Lucchi and G. Reichert; and in the product description are these words:

This suspended fixture features white handblown glass diffusers suspended from grey metal frame work. The diffusers recall the organic shapes of Architect Alvar Aalto's iconic vases or spectacular man made clouds.

Alvar Aalto created his iconic free-form, handblown vases in 1936 (usually called Savoy vases or Aalto vases), and they continue to inspire designers - and this is but one example of countless designs that are contemporary, yet "in the school of" an earlier designer's work. The Savoy vase definitely inspired the Melody Tub (below) from PoolSpa.

Melody Tub from PoolSpa inspired by Alvar Aalto savoy vase.png

In today's featured video, we'll go back to the heart of this inspirational DNA, focusing on Aalto's vase shape, now produced in a collection from iittalia. The video does a great job of focusing on the "idea" of a "shape," which is the design kernel that can ignite a whole collection and inspire other creative talents to dream.