The Benefits of Motorized Window Screens

The recent fluctuations in temperatures throughout all four seasons are challenging builders and homeowners to be prepared for a variety of conditions at any time. One day it may be sunny and warm, followed by a few days of blustering winds and chilling temperatures. To ensure a commercial office space or a residence is able to keep dwellers comfortable in spite of inconsistent weather conditions, owners should consider advanced blinds and shades that offer protection from the elements without sacrificing style and sophistication.

Even though inclement weather can take a toll on a home's exteriors and challenge the integrity of internal insulation, many modern building designs are testing these obstacles. Office buildings and many suburban homes are being built with larger windows, larger doors, and other transitional areas that create a middle ground between being outside and being well insulated indoors. These naturally-lit areas not only bring residents of the building closer to nature with grand scale window panes or walls of windows, but also provide protection from winds or precipitation without forcing them all the way indoors. Thus, living and work spaces are equipping these areas with advanced retractable screens and blinds to not only enable a sense of privacy or relief from the sun, but still allow ample sunlight to shine through while preserving heat when temperatures drop.

Modern shades and blinds fit unique window pane heights and widths, while also providing additional benefits.

  • Advanced technology allows the shades and blinds to be operated with an electric motor, making it easy for homeowners and office workers to open and close the blinds with a flip of a switch.
  • Because windows can reach towering heights in many floor plans, some owners are struggling to adjust coverings easily, and the windows become more of a hassle than a valued amenity. Motorized blinds and shades, however, take out the hassle of maneuvering large coverings to ensure easy transition from open to closed visibility.

And here's a final observation. Motorized window shades and blinds offer a safety feature ideal for keeping a safe living or office environment. Motorized window coverings work to prevent accidents by creating a safer living space near the windows for peace of mind and ease of use. There are no hanging cords that can get caught in vacuums or tangled up. Rather, motorized window solutions provide adequate protection in a clean, stylish display.

About the Author. David Darga is an interior designer in Toronto, Canada. He works with schools and homeowners to help create safe and elegant spaces that feature electric blinds and shades along with motorized retractable screens.  You can follow David on Google Plus.