Back-to-Nature House for All-Time Dinnerware Bestseller

Irwin Weiner ASID - While we've been critical lately at Design2Share of mid-century modern furniture, it's only because we see too many pieces that are derivative and ordinary. They give meaning to the nasty term "brown furniture," or casegoods that have no luster, style, or elegance. One of the many wonderful mid-century designers that we love, however, is Russell Wright, who outsold everyone alive when it came to dinnerware. His American Modern pattern holds the record for most sales - and the line continues in production with the Russell Wright for Bauer Pottery line.

I toured his home in Garrison, NY about 20 years ago, and while the materials that made the house were quite humble - regular plywood, plastic, etc. - he used them in a very innovative way. His property, called Manitoga, is now the home of the Russell Wright Design Center, and the complex reminds visitors of a Frank Lloyd Wright creation, built in harmony with nature. Watch today's featured video by filmmaker/photographer Don Freeman and you'll see more into this home and its natural setting (visit Freeman's website for more information on a host of other high-concept homes he's filmed; that bigger project should be released later in 2013).