Alla Akimova Shares Two Art-Filled NYC Interiors

Irwin Weiner ASID - Design2Share readers are in for a treat today because brilliant New York City interior designer Alla Akimova of ARCHIVES id is sharing some of her most fun art-filled interiors with us. Here's how she describes the vibrant entry hallway (top photo) from an apartment she designed on West 54th Street.

The client had an extensive and eclectic art collection demonstrating her broad travels in Asia and Africa. Using the Asian artwork as inspiration, we grounded the design in reds, the color of happiness and good luck in Asian culture. We incorporated dark, antiqued wood details to continue the classic cultural feel, which warmed the apartment and allowed the artwork to pop. To further highlight our client’s collectibles, we built in museum-style showcases and picture lighting throughout the apartment.

The warmth of the first project is turned on its head in Alla's second project (above), a 5th Avenue apartment. (The beautiful whites could likely be taking a cue from Alla's native Siberia.) The crisp whites of marble and subtle tonal differences in the white walls and moldings play off the contrast of an expansive black floor, then playfully encapsulated in a startling close-up photograph of a carousel horse. Alla told us more about this project.

We were approched by a Scandinavian couple who longed to bring some elements of home into their Manhattan apartment. We began with ‘Shades of White’ that gave the space a Nordic, crisp feel. The tone variations in the drapery and rugs as well as in details such as the veining in the bathroom marble further enhanced the winter landscape aestehtic. We kept the fixtures streamlined, contemporary and minimal to continue the Scandinavian feel. This design also allowed for a gallery-style environment s to showcase the couple’s unique artwork.

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