Will Your House of the Future Look Like This Croatian Hillside Home?

Irwin Weiner ASID - So is Idis Turato's daring Nest and Cave House in Croatia, as featured in today's design video (bottom), the house you'll live in years from now? That's difficult to predict, but I found that this home, which has its lower "cave" portion built into the hillside and its upper "nest" area the main portion where you enter, employs the same open plan layout for the primary living spaces - kitchen, living room, dining room, entryway, and a the cave portion is a very traditional bedroom and bathroom wing. As much as we may try to butch it up on the outside - in this case by cantilevering one wing over another and choosing contrasting cladding materials - our interior spaces are still dominated by living functions and daily necessities. 

Recently we featured the Skyhouse in NYC, a penthouse apartment, and I found this to be more startling and modern, with its staggering multi-floor open volume space and its funhouse art and dramatic silver slide that enabled everyone to zoom down from one floor to another (or perhaps all three floors at once). I thought this was a truly innovative home of the future, despite its very traditional exterior architecture. So my question to you: Is it possible to combine startling exterior architectural concepts with startlingly fresh interior living spaces? When architects specialize in great outer boxes and chop up the interior into the same old spaces, one yearns for a fresher approach. 

By the way, I do want to go on record as liking (very much) Mr. Turato's exterior creation. The home's profile from the street entrance is a surprise, finding the subterranean and hillside-view-facing lower level only upon entering the space. And the way the nest juts out over the patio area creates a great shaded outdoor living space, leading out to grassy sunning decks beside the sublime swimming pool. Lovely.