Support Low-Impact Furniture Like the Re-Ply Chair

Irwin Weiner ASID - So how will we start using up fewer resources to help save the planet? No, I didn't just swallow a Hippie Pill - we're all very concerned at Design2Share about the severe impact that interior design has on the environment. Change, to be effective, has to start with the purchases you make and the way you decorate. If your goal is to consciously choose items that are less greedy when it comes to the production process, then we're off to a great start. A recently-funded San Francisco venture by architect/designer Dan Goldstein will (soon, we hope) sell his Re-Ply Chair, made from cardboard that's been molded and strengthened into a comfortable form for sitting, over a stylish steel frame that can rock. Our featured video shows Dan discussing his concept and product, and you can visit the Re-Ply Chair website for more information and updates.

Did you know that iconic furniture manufacturer Herman Miller is super eco-conscious? Their production specifications are all environmentally sound, and they're working even harder to make their entire product development chain eco-spotless. Support companies who are making an effort to preserve and protect the Earth. Click here to read what Herman Miller said about the Re-Ply Chair, and explore Herman Miller's environmental efforts.