How to Style a Contemporary British Kitchen

Picture a farmhouse kitchen: stone floor, natural wood furniture, a deep sink and the smell of freshly baked bread. An English farmhouse kitchen with a contemporary feel can be achieved by selecting the appropriate materials, colours and accessories – though perfecting your baking skills may be more of a challenge! The following guide provides inspirations and starting points for your kitchen makeover, creating an attractive and practical family space.

Colour A kitchen is often the hub of the family home and can get very busy at times. A neutral colour scheme will therefore provide a soothing, calming effect, whilst allowing for splashes of colour through accessories and décor. A light beige or mushroom tone looks great on walls and will give a natural, earthy feel. Feature walls of bright colour or wallpaper have been a huge trend in recent decades, though avoid this in your farmhouse kitchen and look for other ways to add interest to your walls. A hanging assorted spice rack in natural wood will add texture and is a handy space-saver too. Or, to really channel that English feel hang framed photographic prints of fields or woodland.

kitchen 1.jpg

Appliances Everyone wants a kitchen stocked with the newest appliances and gizmos, though stainless steel fridges, cookers and the like can look out of place in a farmhouse-style kitchen. A ‘farmhouse sink’, also known as an ‘apron front sink’ is essential to achieve the look. These deep designs jut out slightly from the surrounding cabinets and are usually made from enameled cast iron, white porcelain or fireclay. Alternatively, to add a modern twist to your farmhouse kitchen, opt for a copper sink. Stainless steel fridges and freezers can look imposing, so make sure you disguise these appliances by getting them built in, with cupboard doors to match your cabinet scheme. Finally, an impressive range can add drama to your kitchen and act as a real focal point.

kitchen 3.jpg

Storage The style of cupboards, drawers and cabinets in your kitchen can really enhance the farmhouse style. Go for pale colours in a traditional English material like Oak wood. A dresser with exposed shelves also looks fab and is a great place to display your favourite dinner set. Again, go for a pale tone and accessorize the piece with crockery in Great British colours: red, blue and white! If you are a keen cook in a small kitchen, then finding space for pots and pans can be tricky. Instead of hiding them away in cupboards make them into a feature of your space with a hanging storage unit, giving a rustic look. When buying other kitchen utensils go for vintage styles which can be displayed on side boards if you lack cupboard space.

Flooring For that traditional English farmhouse look, go for slate flagstones. These not only look the part, but are low-maintenance and easy to clean too. Investing in high quality flooring could also add value to your property and will be long-lasting. If your kitchen is small, dark slate can make a space feel too enclosed. Keep things natural, and instead of slate go for a pale limestone which will give the illusion of space.

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