Design Video: Krista Jon DIY Flower Arrangements

Irwin Weiner ASID - Thank heavens we don't have grandmother's old style of flower arranging to put up with for decorating today's homes! Flower arrangements are more do-it-yourself relaxed, we're mixing it up with more interesting base materials like succulents (baby's breath, no more), and we're using practically anything for vases, from  antique pitchers to vintage cocktail shakers. 

This trend in flower arrangements isn't due to interior designers. We have wedding and event planners to thank! The event planning industry has become much more design conscious, and events are much more styled than they used to be. Decor details, and in particular flower arrangements, cut a high-profile swath throughout the proceedings.

Events have become more relaxed and styled to fit personalities - and styling to fit personalities is what we do as interior designers. The boundaries between our industries are blurring, much as they are between fashion and interior design, art and interior design, and commercial and residential design.

Today's featured video shows off the talents of event florist and "flower stylist" Krista Jon (visit her website for more information).

You'll learn some of the simple basics of DIY flower arrangements, for your home, for parties and entertaining, and for special events. Click here to watch Krista in action.