Design Documentary: Touching Story of a Japanese Farmhouse

Irwin Weiner ASID - It's not often that I'm able to find a documentary about home design that satisfies my curiosity about someone else's living space and sense of family, and at the same time move me deeply. Minka is a rare documentary, which we're delighted to feature in this post, that captures time and place in a loving look back. An American journalist, Jack Roderick, finds a surrogate family in a foreign land and helps rescue and rebuild a traditonal minka or farmhouse on a new plot of land with dramatic ocean views. Yes, you'll get to see the story of this farmhouse and how it was rebuilt. Better yet, you'll get to tour it. You can also click on the book cover on the left to further explore the book version of this personal and moving odyssey. Take the 15 minutes to watch, and you'll have a better day for it. That's my promise to you.