Make Way in 2013 for the "New Pastels"

Irwin Weiner ASID - Are you ready to embrace 2013's new colors of the year? I'm always concerned that my clients will get too caught up in all the "Color of the Year" hoopla that paint and color forecasting companies promulgate each year. Colors don't drastically change from year to year and consumer tastes aren't necessarily wearing thin on this year's top colors, but what's constant is the design industry's need to create fashion trends and rally around so-called experts who like to tell us what's trending.
If you listen to Benjamin Moore, the paint manufacturer, you're going to go for the palette cleansing, refreshing (almost there, almost not there) color Lemon Sorbet. It's viewed by the company as a way to usher us out of our current state of jewel tones and saturated colors and into a land of fresh, light pastels. Today's featured video describes Benjamin Moore's color trend analysis, and in the next few posts, I'll go through some of the other colors of the year (see our D2S banner for the top three annointed trendy hues, and scroll down to the bottom of the page for links for more information about the three featured 2013 colors).