Whirlpool's Fireplace Tabletop Cooking Concept Makes Perfect Sense

Irwin Weiner ASID - This new futuristic appliance concept is brilliant, and I wholeheartedly support what Whirlpool would like to create around its new Fireplace product. A table that functions as a cooking, warming, and chilling surface in the center is below a smart light-hood combination that controls the air and humidity. You can bring any meal to the table and gather everyone around for conversation. At a party, drinks stay chilled or tea and coffee stays piping hot.
Click here for more information on Fireplace, and enjoy the concept video. This is a product that's been shown around the world for the past two years, and has now been introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show. It would be a gas to have one in our house, if Whirlpool ever decides to move beyond their futuristic concept and hit the production button. This is exactly the way contemporary families eat and entertain.