Manhattan Actress Arden Myrin Wants You to Take Her Home!

Irwin Weiner ASID - I'm addicted now to SPACEStv. They're a YouTube channel devoted to interior design videos. I wanted to share one of their vids with you - NYC/LA actress Arden Myrin is a comic, sassy presence on the interior design video scene and she asks complete strangers to "Take Me Home," picking folks off the streets and taking potluck that she'll get a tour of a great private living space.
Her Russian Roulette street gamble pays off in spades in today's featured video as she encounters, Jeff, a well-to-do Upper West Side Manhattan ... bricklayer? His tricked-out apartment is filled with gadgets and goodies, particularly in the multiple-showerhead master bathroom, Crestron control center, and light-up agate countertops in the kitchen.