Still Time to Visit the 2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Irwin Weiner ASID - Showhouses are fun to visit. Come on, admit it! Each room is a POP of color, a DARING experiment, something FRESH, and GLAMOUR up to the gills. Unlike your home or mine, a showhouse is meant to be theatrical, with each room's design team trying to visually and viscerally hit you between the eyes. And best of all, showhomes are meant to be specatator sports: "Oh, I love that bed." "Isn't that hideous?!" "We could do that in our home." "What were they thinking?" "Wow!"

As a showhouse veteran, I can tell you that designers put their hearts and soul into staging a good show (and it costs designers a great deal of time and money as well), all to raise funds through sponsorships and ticket and merchandise sales for good causes. So please do attend the 2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse this year - running through Labor Day Weekend - and enjoy today's featured video house tour of the 2011 home.


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