Is Your Wallpaper This Cool and High Tech?

Jay Johnson - If you think you've heard everything in the world of interior design and decorating, think again - enter modern technology. We've had many revolutions in our industry due to technology, ranging from greener building materials to time-saving appliances. Soon we're going to have Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper!

A French research team at Centre Technique du Papier developed a snowflake-patterned paper - they call it metapaper - made from recycled materials that is effective in blocking 99% of the electromagnetic waves that travel through the air. Traditional wallpaper can be hung right over this special paper if you're not grooving on the flakes.

Why the fuss? Several reasons: homes and businesses that need boosts for their own wireless Internet signals will benefit; personal and corporate Wi-Fi will stay put inside the walls of the home or business to help discourage signal hacking; and there are purported health benefits in blocking out the bombardment of electromagnetic waves we're now being constantly subjected to. The special paper won't block FM radio signals or emergency frequencies. Keep your eyes out for metapaper; it's not on the market yet.

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