Charlotte Moss and Jonathan Adler Video: Basics of Traditional Style

Irwin Weiner ASID - It's great fun to see the work of two very different interior designers juxtaposed in a dynamic conversation about the foundations for classic, traditional home style. In this Traditional Home video, the great Charlotte Moss (I just saw you crossing Park Avenue two weeks ago with your two assistants - you were beating the street in sandals and a so-chic dress!) and the witty and talented Jonathan Adler (just browsed in your store in, of all places, Minneapolis - you are everywhere, sir!) discuss the basics of traditional style.
What you'll take away from this video, among other things, is a sense that "traditional" or "classic" style is a springboard for expressing fresh creativity. It's modern pieces, bold colors, updated and sometimes startling fabrics on classic furniture pieces - like a Louis chair, and symmetrical, traditional furniture layouts. I enjoyed watching the banter between two fascinating interior designers, and enjoyed how samples of their own rooms were used to illustrate their talking points.