Campion Platt's Custom Made Soho Loft

Irwin Weiner ASID - I'm a "Johnny Come Lately" to many aspects of the world of interior design. When you're running a busy practice - thank heavens - you have little time to look over your shoulder or look around you to see what other designers are creating for themselves and their clients. You get the gist of another designer's work through shelter magazine (online and offline), but rarely do I look at the new books that come out. Most are vanity pieces that showcase a designers work and make clients feel wonderful that their work has been published. Well, let me change my tune and stop singing that particular song. Campion Platt's Made to Order book, which came out one year ago (so this isn't exactly red-hot news, but it's news to me) helps detail this wonderful NY designer's custom-everything philosophy.
I love this video we found; it promotes the book, and is definitely a "lifestyle piece" for Campion, but it helps to show off the details of what an amazing Soho loft can look like if each piece of furniture and all the accessories were handmade for that space alone. Imagine a world without HomeGoods, IKEA, and flea market finds! You're in for a treat, because you're about to take a tour of a brand-new, custom-decorated space that few clients can afford. It's certainly an aspirational piece, and can show you what deep pockets and a free hand can create in home design. A big "well done" to this designer for taking charge in such a masterful manner. As he put it, he took a "white envelope" of a loft space and totally transformed it into a luxurious, comfortable, tasteful home.