Textured Coverings Are Ready to Climb Your Walls

(Squares wallcover from Graham and Brown)

Janet Ramin - Are you tired of looking at wall paint? Do you wish your walls could be livelier, more exciting, more in your face? If you’re not afraid of shaking things up, then take a look at these paintable, textured wall coverings.

Graham and Brown offers their paintable Squares and Pure wallpapers. Squares shows off a dynamic geometric pattern that can be left white or painted in fun colors as seen behind the bookcase above. Pure wallpaper is a curvaceous choice that creates an elegant background. 

(Pure wallcover from Graham and Brown)(Architect Wall Flat from Inhabit)For an even more dimensional wallcover, we have the wall flat series from Inhabit. Above is the Architect wallcover which is made from bagasse, a fibrous matter left over after sugarcane stalks have been crushed. It's lightweight and recyclable. Below is the Drift wallcover, a design that hints at slender tree limbs. 

(Drift Wall Flat from Inhabit)Besides providing visual punch to your walls, these wallcovers are perfect for covering flawed walls. If you have uneven walls and you don't want to replaster them – a process that can take several days of application – then these textured wallcovers will hide the imperfections. 



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