UK Furniture Designers Struck Gold Designing the Olympic Torch

Janet Ramin - By now you've seen it light up the London's 2012 Olympic Flame, but did you know who designed the torch? The brilliant British design duo, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, of course!

Barber and Osgerby - known for clean, minimalist modern furniture - designed the golden aluminum Olympic torch. Pierced with over 8000 holes, the triangular torch was sleekness defined. On the opening night, young budding athletes carried the Olympic torch and lit the lily-shaped copper petals. Then the petals rose up on long stems to create a gigantic shimmering bouquet that became the Olympic Flame. Wow!

The view below the Olympic Flame transformed to a starburst of indvidual torches. Then Paul McCartney serenaded the audience with Hey Jude ... a lovely ending to a memorable night.


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