The Fashion of Furniture - Handmade, Tailored in Spain

Jay Johnson - Design2Share celebrates handmade goods all the time. Our message is simple: handmade products add warmth and humanity to any home. In our search for home goods counter to the machine-made bloc, we found a Spanish firm dedicated to bringing fashion and tailored design back to classic furnishings. La Tapisseria focus on made-by-hand processes, a love of classic antiques, a blending of interior design and fashion, and a respect and knowledge of antique upholstery and restoration.

Founders Abo and Rusinol started their business in 1992, launching the use of artisan upholstery, traditional techniques, and eco-friendly materials. Today's featured video shows off their making-of skills, and it's fascinating to see some of their own collection pieces built from the frame up.

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