Humane Hunting Trophies: Mock Animal Heads for Wall Decor

Deer, courtesy of C.G. SparksJanet Ramin - Hunting trophies – if you've ever shuddered at the thought of them but you still wanted to create that hunting lodge look in your home - then I have the animal-friendly alternative for you. Cardboard Safari and C.G. Sparks have brought to life popular wild creatures without raising the ire of animal lovers.

Designers at Cardboard Safari use lasers to precision-cut recycled cardboard. Then they layer them to create these modern, minimalistic three-dimensional heads. Cardboard Safari offers an array of bulls, longhorns, rams, deer, and moose to hang.

Bulls and Longhorns from Cardboard Safari

Moose from Cardboard Safari

For those who want a more colorful choice, C.G. Sparks uses rope taxidermy to recreate their heads. Michael Hennessey, co-owner, says that they use recycled cotton fabric from India to twist into coils of rope. The rope is then wrapped around the hand-formed heads.  In the first photo above, we have a blue and brown coated deer. Other choices include an elephant and lion. 

Elephant from C.G. Sparks

Lion from C.G. Sparks


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