5 Favorite Naked Bulb Lighting Favorites

(Edison bulbs)Janet Ramin - When was the last time you looked at a bare light bulb? You’re probably thinking – ho hum …boring! But have you seen these light bulb beauties? Have you noticed lately that in many public spaces such as restaurants and cafes, the trend in lighting is showing off the bare bulb with a pared down housing fixture.

In our photo above, restaurant Lillie-Q is lighting their bar with paired Edison bulbs that display the golden filament inside. Niche Modern uses tubular Edison bulbs in their Spark Chandelier below. Both light fixtures exude that warm golden glow reminiscent of the old-fashioned candelabras but without the fire hazard! You can find Edison light bulbs at Restoration Hardware.

(Spark Chandelier from Niche Modern)

(Chandelier from Lindsey Adelman)The chandelier above from Lindsey Adelman also uses Edison bulbs but they are housed in clear hand-blown glass globes. The glass housing adds more substance to the light without detracting from the golden bulbs inside.

(Titan Light from Nuevo Living)Nuevo Living uses half-chrome light bulbs for their snake-like Titan light fixture. These light bulbs are available in both half-chrome or full-chrome glass and provide a more modern look to the lighting. 

For a different and dynamic look, we have the Plumen light bulb as seen above. The bulb is sculpted into twisting, interlocking shapes which look different when viewed from a different angle. The Plumen is not merely beautiful; it is also a green product. The Plumen lasts 8 times longer than a regular incandescent bulb and uses 80% less energy. 


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