Summer Luxury Video: Dream Yacht

Irwin Weiner ASID - In my next life, I'm going to have a yacht - and I think it will be the Diamond 70 shown in today's featured design video. The deck levels have been brought right down to ocean level to recreate a poolside experience - smart design. The pool on the lower deck features a transparent LCD hatch (made from a thick resin material).
There's also an "American-style" bar with armchairs, a sauna, and a dive room. And, well, it might be fun to have my own helicopter, too. The Italian marine firm Avadesign has this 70-meter concept by Andrea Vastano, and it's designed to be "sort of" green - aluminum construction, with four decks integrating low fuel consumption and technology in place to reduce emissions from two diesel engines and two electric engines couples with gas turbines.


Click here to watch another video with a pool in it, albeit on dry land: Amazing Technology Turns a Patio Into a Pool (fun to watch - I'd like one of these, too).