6 Modern Bookshelves that Tweek the Imagination

Irwin Weiner ASID - Physical books are beautiful. They deserve to be displayed well in a home. As an interior designer, I'm often asked to come up with storage solutions for books and small accessories - sometimes collections, sometimes mementos from my clients' travels - so I'll come up with custom library built-in solutions in a dining room, family room, media room, or traditonal den.
What I'm always amazed at, however, are the innovative designs for stand-alone or wall-mounted bookshelves. So unusual - and sometimes downright goofy! It's not enough to have flat shelves supported by end and back pieces; modern bookshelves have to "do something" or "say something."
It's all a bit silly, but some clever new bookshelves can add a touch of fun and whimsy into a too-serious room, and I'm all for lightening-up a design scheme. Click on each photo for more information.