Is It Possible to Love Shower Doors?

Irwin Weiner ASID - Is it possible to love shower doors? Absolutely, positively YES! The folks at Alumax created their Designer Series, and there are some beautiful alternatives to the single-hinged, open-close shower doors of years ago. I'm particularly enamored with the Pipeline line. 
Pipeline is an in-line dual roller system that allows a heavy glass door - straight or curved or custom shape - to effortlessly and smoothly open and close with the touch of a finger. I like the industrial, steampunk-y design and it's a breakthrough design solution to shower doors. Minimal cost, fabulous design. Note: check with any door manufacturer to see if they treat or coat the glass in their doors so they don't get damaged by the water; sometimes chemicals and hard water can damage - etch - the glass (you'll see white scaling that's hard to get off on your glass).


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