Summer Travel Video - Two Futuristic Buildings in Los Angeles

Irwin Weiner ASID - We're heading to Los Angeles, CA near the end of June to visit clients and friends - and to see Glen Campbell perform at the Hollywood Bowl - and we can't wait. This city and the urban sprawl that surrounds it defines "car culture" in America. Buildings have adapted to technology in LA, almost more than most major global cities. Architecture is the function of buildings to meet people's needs, and the following video on a very old (but advanced for its time) historic office space - the Bradbury Building, used to dystopian effect in Blade Runner - and a very modern office building (also advanced for its time) - the Caltrans Building, also featured in sci fi movies - can also apply to home architecture and design as well.
Note that our homes must innovate with new technology whenever possible. We don't have to ignore traditional home styles - "Throw in a little Greek Revival, won't you?" - but we can embrace dramatically new architecture for our homes and wander away from traditional styles that just aren't green enough any more, energy efficient enough any more, or adaptable to the needs of our family for security, good lighting, proper temperature control, aesthetics, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. We're looking forward to our LA trip, and perhaps seeing these two exciting buildings!


Here's a feature we did on modern home architecture in California, where innovation is a way of life in residential architecture. Click here to watch the video of Hillside House Solves Eco and Sloping Hill Problems.