Art Gone Wild in Marseille Hotel Suites

Irwin Weiner ASID - I've often said that artwork makes a room special - but the Hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseille, France turned over their room decor to top artists who produced unique creations and turned "hotel style" on its head. Design2Share readers have often heard me criticize high-end luxury hotels for promoting a bland, homogenized look that's seeped into residential interior design.
When I tell a client that their house looks like a hotel, she will be pleased at first, until I tell her that it all looks like they're staging the home for resale (read: your house is devoid of charm and personality). Well, this French hotel takes the stuffings right out of my hotel style beef. Each room is loaded with intensity and artistic angst. You wouldn't want to live day in and day out in these rooms, but you'd certainly love a short stay in this homage to artistic expression.
Enjoy today's featured video on the making of the Panic Room, a graffiti-covered jewel by Talousse-based artist Tilt.


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